Wednesday Favorites #2


Since moving at the beginning of February, i've been loving all things home related. So, below are a few things i've bought for my room. Also, this month i've had the chance to get back to designing editorial pages and I couldn't be happier so i'm sharing a my favorite magazine and book at the moment. 


Wood Farmhouse Desk World Market 
I was in need of a new desk, badly. My previous desk was a glass drawing table and it bowing when I had my iMac on it. But this desk is sturdy and as a bonus it's wider, so I more room. (x)


Paddywax Candles Library Collection Poe
My two favorite things; candles and Edgar Allan Poe. (x)



Double Horn Necklace The Pretty Eclectic
Not home related but I wanted to share anyway. I've been on the hunt for one of these necklaces for so long. So when I found this one I had to buy it. (x)


What's Gabby Cooking Gabby Dalkin
The recipes in What’s Gaby Cooking are fresh, simple and easy to follow. I love that the recipes were real and not overly fancy or complicated. They were for everyday meals and snacks. I also enjoyed the personal introduction to the cookbook and the page about kitchen staples. I think that page will be handy for those who are just starting out cooking at home or just looking for a kitchen refresh.  *A bonus, for me anyway, was the beautiful design of the cookbook and the photography. They went well together and didn't distract from the recipes. Review copy provided NetGalley. Book Avalible April 17th 2018. (x)


Geller Modern Dining Chair Target
I wanted a new desk chair and I came across this when shopping and thought it went with my desk. Honestly, it's a bit uncomfortable to sit on for a long period but that forces me to actually get away from my desk. (x) 


Dead Heat Print Dan Dos Santos
The covers of the Mercy Thompson Series and the Alpha and Omega Series (Above) by Patricia Briggs are some of my favorites. The cover illustrator Dan Dos Santos has prints of  each cover and I had to grab the one above and the Silence Fallen cover. (x)(x)


J.R.R. Tolkien Issue Faeire Magazine
Anything Tolkien and fantasy related you have my attention 100%. This is a beautiful magazine filled with interesting articles and it's made with such passion. (x)

Playlist I'm Loving

You can never go wrong with Led Zeppelin. 

Lee Family // Family Session

In December, I had the chance to photograph my friend Megan and her family. We met up around sunset at Crocker Park, an outdoor mall like plaza, in Westlake, Ohio. We took some photographs on this little train that drove through the streets of the plaza because Jack, Megan and John's son loves trains. Plus, we had some time to waste as we wanted the sun to go down a bit so we could get all the pretty winter lights.

2018: Let's Try Something New


I’m not one to make new years resolutions or to even set goals for the year. But this year, I want to make a list of things that I want to do and/or accomplish by December 31st. 

Since I’m turning 25 this year (eek! where did the time go?!) and moving out of state in a few weeks, I want to try and get myself out my comfort zone more and force myself to accomplish as many things as I can. Mainly because I feel like I haven’t done much in the last few years due to being comfortable and too shy/chicken to do anything. 

So, below is a list of some of the things, in no particular order, that I want to cross off my list.
(I do have a larger list in a notebook but I don’t want to share everything.)

  • Pay down my student loans
  • Get my passport
  • Save up at least $3000 for travel
  • Get a full-time design job…again
  • Take on more photography clients 
  • Take on more freelance design clients. 
  • Take a photo every month that documents that month or something I enjoyed that month
  • Design at least one personal thing a month and work up to every week
  • Sketch more. I want to fill up this mini sketchbook I have. Which means I need to stop trying to make things perfect.
  • Explore at least one new place a month - city, restaurant, coffee shop, etc..
  • Go on 4 mini adventures with a friend(s)
  • Meet up with more local bloggers or photographers aka just go out and meet people. (Get a social life.)
  • Get another tattoo
  • Read at least 4 new books

Song that I'm currently loving:

Rachel & Children // Pregnancy Announcement


On Tuesday November 21st, I photographed Rachel (@itsahero) and her adorable children for a special pregnancy announcement for her blog. Even though it was windy and cold I had a blast taking these photos.

 Check out Rachel's blog and read her announcement on her blog;