Travel Journal: Vienna, Austria


The next part of my trip was in Vienna, Austria. Though I honestly didn’t get much time to explore the city as most of the time we were on the bus. We left Budapest at 8:30 am and drove to Vienna, which took about 3 hours (I think…). Once we got to the city, we had a short bus tour of the city. Then we were dropped off in the most touristy area of Vienna, with all the high-end shops, to explore for an hour and a half. When we got off the bus, this was when myself and my little group, the two people who joined the tour in Budapest, decided to walk away from all the tourist areas and explore and take in what we could.

*A slight sidenote: but Vienna has a ton of graffiti everywhere. And not like pretty artistic graffiti but just sloppy tags. It was really strange to see all over old buildings and in the main city

Holocaust memorial sculpture

Holocaust memorial sculpture


We walked down side streets and took in all the beautiful architecture of the buildings and the narrow streets. We found this little chapel/church hidden in a building, and it was so stunning. I didn’t take any photos inside as people were in their praying and it would have been rude. But I did manage to snap a picture of the open door outside. [photo right] We also found this little court/plaza area that was so serene and beautiful to stand in.[photo below] The walls of the building were yellow, and they were covered in ivy. It was very picturesque and just so Europe if that makes any sense.


After our brief break off the bus, we had to go back on our bus to do a ‘proper’ bus tour and go to Schönbrunn Palace for a tour. Schönbrunn is stunning, and I could have honestly spent the whole day there instead of 2 hours. 2 hours was not enough time to see it all. The tour through the building was interesting, and the tour guide was good at her job, but I would have instead explored at my own pace if I had a choice. The grounds in the back of the palace were honestly breathtaking. I recommend going and exploring the grounds in early November. It was a perfectly crisp and cloudy day which made the brief walk of the property so peaceful and exactly how I wanted to spend my time in Vienna.

After that quick tour of the palace and back grounds, my group and I went to Café Residenz at Schönbrunn Palace for their famous apple strudel. And let me tell you was really good and surprisingly not that expensive.

From here we went back to the bus to finally check into our hotel to relax a bit and figure out dinner. Some of the group had a concert to go to, but I did not. So I got myself organized a bit and relaxed for a short time before I decided to head back out and find some dinner. After walking around the general area around the hotel, I settled on a traditional German restaurant. I wasn't the only one who found this place, two others from my tour group did. So we just teamed up and had a good meal together of Wiener Schnitzel and a good dark beer. After this, we walked around a bit and found this cute little bakery and grabbed something for an evening snack. I bought a slice of carrot cake; it was pretty good.

The next day we had a short half day trip to Bratislava, Slovakia. And let me tell you, the old town is stunning. But you will hear more about that next blog post. But after we got back from Bratislava, we had time to explore on our own. Not a lot of time because we had a group dinner that evening at a bierhaus. So my little group and I decided to walk down the street from our hotel to check out the Naschmarkt. It's a pretty cool small market but it honestly so crowded and not something I recommend checking out as it's mainly a grocery market for locals and a tourist trap. But we spent a good hour or so wandering around looking at everything and taking in the surrounding buildings. After we had enough of the market, we found a little cafe to grab some hot chocolate and head back to our hotel.

From there we had about an hour or two before we had to leave for dinner. I took this time to export all my photos and get started editing them. Dinner was a hilariously good time polka music, beer, and delicious food. I one hundred percent recommend checking out Das Schreiberhaus.

My only regret for Vienna is that I didn't have any time to explore and see the museums. There are over 100 museums in Vienna, and I didn't get to see any of them. I will one hundred percent go back one day to properly experience the city, Schönbrunn, and the museums.

Look at that stunning art deco work.

Look at that stunning art deco work.