Wednesday Favorites #1


I'm trying to kickstart this blog with something easy. Below are a few things that I love in real life and a few things that I've seen online that i'm loving currently.


#1 Cleveland Museum of Art is my all time favorite place in Cleveland. I can (and have) spend hours wandering through the rooms staring at all the beautiful works of art. 


#3 Go to Extremities Jewelry Stand I have a love for all things strange and this jewelry stand from ModCloth makes my day. 


#5 Ohio Charm Necklace In a few months I will be living in South Carolina and I've been thinking of getting a cute little necklace to remind me of where i'm from. I found this little one on Etsy and I think I might have to get it.

#2 Sigma 35mm 1.4 This is the first high quality lens i've bought and i'm so happy with it. 


#4 Order's Up Kate Spade Plates I love the all American diner esthetic. These plates will be in my cupboard when I finally have a space of my own. 

#6 Crossbreed Series by Dannika Dark I've always had a love for paranormal romance books. But there are very few that I enjoy. But recently I found this series and I got engrossed into the world. 

Bonus: Here is playlist of cover songs that I love.